Your Billings Orthodontist

Ryan Hecht, DMD, MSD

Dr. Ryan Hecht is a Billings native through and through, dedicated to perfecting smiles and boosting confidence in his community.

His educational journey took him from Billings to Brigham Young University, where he earned a degree in physiology and developmental biology, and then to the University of Nevada in Las Vegas for his Doctorate of Dental Medicine.

Dr. Hecht honed his expertise in orthodontics at the University of Southern California, where he earned a Master of Science in craniofacial biology.

Father of Four

For Dr. Hecht, while orthodontics is his calling, his family and community truly capture his heart.

Together with his wife Sarah, they're raising a thriving family of four: Alexis, Kayla, Finley, and Troy. Cherishing moments with them remain at the top of his list every day.

Dr. Hecht is deeply rooted in his faith community and takes joy in backing various youth sports initiatives, contributing his time and support to the spirited activities of the younger generation.


Outside of the Office

Away from the office, Dr. Hecht is an enthusiast of the great outdoors, often found relishing the natural beauty of Montana's landscapes.

Whether biking along rugged trails, hiking up serene paths, or carving through fresh snow on his snowboard, he embraces each season's adventure.

His commitment to an active lifestyle matches his dedication to community engagement, where he's a familiar face at local events, lending a hand or cheering on participants.

Dr. Hecht's love for his hometown shines through in his support for local sports, where he's not just a sponsor but also an encouraging presence on the sidelines.