Why Montana Families Trust Us

At Montana Smiles Orthodontics, we blend professional care with a fun, personal touch. Your Billings family will feel right at home. Dr. Hecht and our team are dedicated to your smile journey, offering first-rate orthodontic solutions with a warm, joyful, and community-focused approach.

1 Orthodontist, 1 Location

Montana Smiles Orthodontics in Billings, MT, is Dr. Ryan Hecht's singular vision and passion.

At our practice, you'll receive personalized care directly from Dr. Hecht, who oversees every aspect of your treatment.

The quality of your entire patient experience, from start to finish, will meet the highest standards of excellence and care.

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Experience You Can Trust

While Dr. Hecht's approachable and down-to-earth demeanor is a hallmark of his personality, his professional credentials are exceptionally impressive:

  • Dr. Hecht was accepted in 2010 as one of six residents into the University of Southern California, a prestigious full-time, three-year program.
  • He has played a pivotal role in transforming the smiles and lives of over 4,000 patients, guiding them to achieve beautiful, life-changing results.
  • Dr. Hecht holds a Master of Science in craniofacial biology from the University of Southern California. He engaged in groundbreaking research focused on precision-driven 3D treatment planning systems.
  • His outstanding contributions to orthodontic research were recognized with the prestigious Peter M. Sinclair Award, awarded to the USC orthodontic resident with the highest achievement in orthodontic research.

Relaxed Treatment Rooms

At Montana Smiles Orthodontics, our spacious semi-private rooms offer a relaxed environment.

You and your family can communicate freely and privately with our staff and Dr. Hecht.

Semi-private rooms give you a personal and confidential experience during every visit.

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We Handle Orthodontic Emergencies

At Montana Smiles Orthodontics, we understand the urgency of orthodontic emergencies and the importance of prompt care. That's why we're equipped to handle such situations right in our office.

Dr. Hecht and our team are dedicated to providing immediate and practical solutions to all your urgent orthodontic needs.

Local & American Equipment Only

Montana Smiles Orthodontics prioritizes sourcing high-quality, American-made equipment, materials, and products whenever possible.

Our commitment extends to supporting local Montana businesses, as we believe in using and promoting the best of what our community has to offer.

Orthodontist Billings MT

Flexible Payment Options

Alongside accepting various orthodontic and dental insurance plans, our Montana Smiles Orthodontics team offers you no-interest payment options.

These flexible plans are designed to accommodate your budget. Financial concerns don't hinder anyone in Billings from receiving top-quality orthodontic care.