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Orthodontics in Billings

Dr. Ryan Hecht is dedicated to exceptional smiles in Billings and the surrounding regions of Glendive, Glasgow, Livingston, Miles City, Sidney, and Yellowstone County in Montana, as well as Cody, Powell, and Sheridan in Wyoming, and so many more.

For Dr. Hecht, orthodontics is more than a profession—it's a passion. He is devoted to delivering tailored care, fully recognizing the transformative effect he has on his patient's lives.

Dr. Hecht's educational journey began with a degree in Physiology and Developmental Biology from Brigham Young University, followed by his dental and orthodontic training at UNLV and USC. With over a decade of experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a gentle touch to his practice.

An active participant in the American Association of Orthodontists and American Dental Association, Dr. Hecht is always expanding his expertise through ongoing education.

Away from the clinic, Dr. Hecht enjoys the vibrant outdoor life that Montana offers.

His commitment to orthodontic excellence is a pledge to every individual who enters Montana Smiles Orthodontics.

Billings Braces

Braces in Billings address a wide array of malocclusions (AKA “bad bites”). They potentially reduce your time in treatment.

Traditional braces are made of metal or ceramic brackets, Dr. Hecht affixes them to your teeth and connects them with wires and tiny elastic bands.

The combination of brackets, wires, and bands collaborates to ease your teeth to their optimal positions gently. For the best results, consistently follow up with our team at Montana Smiles Orthodontics.

billings brace

Billings Invisalign

Invisalign is the modern favorite in Billings. They offer an attractive alternative to traditional braces. You can enjoy the simplicity of a series of transparent, removable trays that incrementally straighten your teeth.

Invisalign is precisely engineered from a plastic material custom-fitted to your teeth. To maintain progress, you'll transition to a new set of trays every couple of weeks under Dr. Hecht's direction.

We recommend wearing them for 20-22 hours daily, as prescribed. Deviating from this can prolong treatment and delay your results.

Invisalign is adept at correcting a range of dental issues. A free consultation with Dr. Hecht at Montana Smiles Orthodontics will clarify if clear aligners are an option for you.

Your Perfect Smile Solution

Dr. Hecht and the Montana Smiles Orthodontics team design treatment plans that are as individual as you are.

When you visit our Billings clinic for a no-cost consultation, we focus on your distinct dental characteristics, considering your tooth structure, facial expressions, and overall aesthetics.

This customized strategy, whether it involves braces or clear aligners, is your path to the smile you've always wanted. Interested in exploring your options?

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